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This case study provides a brief summary of our services we offer to the health care sector.

Works and Commissioning 

UKSE recognise that while we are working at an NHS Renal centre, whether it is during the construction or for maintenance purposes we are representing the Trust. A key factor in maintaining the excellent reputation of the Trust is providing a pleasant environment for the patients to receive their treatment in.

Whilst it is acknowledged that the physical appearance of the centre is only part of the overall service, we endeavour to create environments that are:

  • fully functional, 
  • Aesthetically pleasing and
  • Have intelligent maintenance at the core. 

All of this minimises the disruption to the service and maximises the efficiency of the centres.



Sustainable Design Issues

At UKSE Group we see sustainability inextricably linked with efficiency, where buildings, factories, even cars are built and designed with sustainability in mind they are naturally more efficient. Like efficiency, sustainability is achieved and maximised at the design stage out approach to sustainable design consists of the following components:

1) Never over design or over engineer

2) Use efficient components

3) Design the building to use less (lighting, power HVAC etc.) 

4) Make it Easy – for the managers and workers to work in an efficient way e.g. sensor controlled low energy lighting, maximising use of natural light, localised power monitoring

Construction Management and SpecificationsConstruction and Management Specifications

We are proud to be able to offer a fully managed turn-key service. This includes the following phases within our Works Programme

  • Building investigation and feasibility studies – Understanding the locality and centre placement in relation to local patient requirement, plus selecting suitable building type.
  • Scoping – engaging with Renal to understand their needs and produce a solution that compliments their business objectives.
  • Design – designing cost effective solution that balance cost, value and risk.
  • Project and Programme Management – ensuring we deliver on time and to programme.
  • Operation and Maintenance – Delivering the most economically advantageous whole life cost solution; minimising maintenance and operational costs while maximising the performance of the building.

UKSE Group has one simple focus; to continuously deliver an exemplary service to our clients. Our flexibility in approach and versatility in our skills allows us to adapt and compliment the specific needs of our clients. 

Our skills range from turn-key project delivery to maintenance, and from design to consultancy. This includes site feasibility and selection and an in depth understanding on the specific requirements for Healthcare facilities and facilities management. 

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Sector Experience

  • Utilities, Water & Sewage
  • Power & Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Airports & Logistics
  • Food & Beverage

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